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Renee' Hood

Hi my name is Renee’ Hood.  I am married to an awesome husband and we have two wonderful sons.  I am a certified Doula servicing Tuscaloosa, West Alabama, Birmingham, and beyond.  

So what can I Dou(la) for you today?

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My Story

Over the years I have listened to many pregnancy stories, birthing experiences and postpartum ordeals. Some of them filled with joy and others with fear and concern. It is alarming and hurtful to hear what is supposed to be a wonderful experience described with terror and panic.  So I questioned why are birthing persons feeling this way and what can I do?  As I researched it was mind blowing  to learn about all the stories where birthing people didn’t have the experience that they wanted or expected. The desire to make these experiences better for all tugged on my heart, especially for women of color that are dying at an alarming rate.
My fascination with babies and passion for helping others would not allow me to just do nothing. After further research I decided that I have to do something to help those that I encounter. In reflection, my attendance at live births stoked my desire to become a Doula before I even knew it was “a thing”.  I’ve been described as both patient and understanding. This has allowed me to develop the innate ability to foster a serene and peaceful experience.   I became certified and here I am ready to work with my boots on the ground ready for battle.


Birth Doula

Fee: $950

Postpartum Support/Newborn Care Assistance

Fee: $25/hour

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