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Blakely O'Connor

Outside of birth work, I am a mom, a wife, a researcher, an entrepreneur, an advocate, and a yoga teacher. Even though I wear many different hats in different roles, my passion for women’s health and maternal well-being is the glue that holds them all together. From placental biology to public policy, it has become my life’s work to see that all birthing people and their babies are able to survive and thrive in this world.

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My Story

I was drawn to birth work after experiencing the night and day difference between the births of my son and daughter. When I was pregnant for the first time, I was nervous and excited to meet my son, but I was indifferent towards preparing for the process of giving birth. Feeling disempowered by a difficult medically-managed labor and the callous treatment I received, I developed postpartum anxiety that negatively impacted my mental health, my relationships, and my bond with my baby.
When I became pregnant with my daughter, I was determined to have a different experience and to avoid medical interventions as much as possible. In addition to seeing a counselor and practicing yoga regularly, I hired a doula who helped support me during my pregnancy, labor, and postpartum recovery. She helped me find a medical professional whose values were aligned with my own; she offered evidence-based information about potential interventions, enabling me to make informed decisions about the course of my labor; and she provided emotional and physical support and comfort to me during and after the intense, beautiful, and empowering birth of my daughter. Instead of anxiety after birth, I felt calm and confident and was able to bond quickly with my daughter. Seeing what difference a doula could make, I knew I wanted to share that gift with others.
In July 2021, I completed a DONA International Approved Birth Doula Workshop with Birthwell Partners. As a doula, I want to help women harness their strength and intuition to realize the birth of their dreams. I believe all people deserve to give birth with respect, empathy, courage, and compassion.


Birth Doula

Fee: $725

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