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Pregnancy & Postpartum Fitness

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Pregnancy brings a myriad of specific discomforts and challenges that take a toll on the body. Some of these aches and pains are due to the changing posture as baby grows and some of these discomforts come at the hands of changing levels of hormones in the body that can elicit physiological and emotional responses. Prenatal yoga classes offer poses and sequencing, breathing techniques and meditation that can address these issues and help provide relief and build strength and steady calm.


Take time to nurture yourself creating space of peace within. During pregnancy the body naturally prepares itself for giving childbirth. Become still and gain clarity. Explore and embrace this time of transformation.  


Vanessa offers one on one yoga/assisted stretching for relaxation of the body/mind and to prepare the body for childbirth and recovery. This practice emphasizes on breathing, pelvic floor work, strengthening, flexibility and self-awareness.  

 Come as you are ~ Beautiful and unique!

To learn more and to book your classes, contact:

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